Excited to announce my official sponsorship of the 2024 Global Dressage Festival this season!

Official 2024 Sponsor of Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida. One of the largest dressage circuits in the nation running from January 10th - March 31st in Wellington, Florida.


Her story is one of intention, dedication, and hard work. Charlotte spent her adult years as a successful entrepreneur creating watch brand Skagen that was later acquired by Fossil. Her current endeavor is sun safe athletic-wear brand @kasteldenmark, known and loved both here in Wellington and internationally.

Charlotte began training at age 35 and quickly worked her way up to CDI competitions. By the year 2015, she retained the highest adult amateur score in the US & was announced as a US team rider.

In and out of the ring, Charlotte is known for her infectious positivity and passion. Her story is proof that it is never to late to start something new. The start to becoming successful is making a decision towards a direction and not giving up on your goals.


What’s the crazy thing you’ve ever done to get to the next level?

In his case, it was buying horses for $1 that trainers were giving away because they were seen as ‘unridable.’ Adam’s tenacity & skill opened doors for him that many people wouldn’t have the courage to go through.

Many see him now not knowing the grit it took to get him to where he’s at today.

Another inspiring story showcasing how perseverance and $1 at a time can become a stepping stone to your next breakthrough.


Special partnerships between horse & rider can change your course forever. They can give you the confidence you need progress & teach you life lessons in and outside of the ring. Have you experienced that once in a lifetime horse?


Her accomplishments as a rider are undeniable -Team USA Dressage, 2019 PanAm Gold Medalist, 2022 Short list WEG, 2022 Pre-Elite List, just to name a few!


What struck me about Sarah was not only her true passion for the sport, but also her drive and commitment to keep going even when things seem impossible. No matter what your goals are in life, her story is inspiring. Sarah’s unrelenting passion for riding took her from humble beginnings of training her own horses off the track to a decorated USA Team rider.


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